20 Things every Hijabi will understand

The struggles:

1) Assuring your concerned non Muslim friends that no one forced you to wear the hijab

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 17.59.14.png

2) Being told you’re oppressed


3) Having to walk with a hand on your chest to stop the wind from blowing your hijab away


(Except it doesn’t look anywhere near as elegant as this!)


4) Checking the mirror when you enter your house to see how different your hijab looks compared to the morning


5) Being adventurous and trying a new hijab style, but giving up half-way through the day


6) Coming home after a long day and finding your hair either flat, a bit like Einstein’s, or somewhere in between


7) Deciding whether wearing a neck scarf over a hijab is one layer too many…?


8) Having to put a hijab on freshly blow dried and voluminous hair. The sacrifices.😣

Before and after


9) Losing all your pins to the monster that also eats bobby pins, hairbands and odd socks


10) Destroying your favourite hijab when the pins snag your scarves


11) Having to go through bad hair days AND bad hijab days


12) Wrapping a blanket or towel on your head when the postman unexpectedly knocks on the door


13) Owning 50 scarves but always wearing the same 5


14) People saying you don’t need to use an umbrella cause “you’re wearing a headscarf”



But also the good things! Like:

  1. Being ever so slightly warmer than everyone else in winter


Them vs you 🙂

2) Using the “but no one will see it!” excuse when your mum wont let you dye your hair

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: Kate Hudson with blue hair!

Let the experiments begin!

3) Being able to hide a fringe that you’ve butchered/cut too short



aint no problem

4) The best feeling ever when you come home after a long day and rip off your headscarf and UNLEASH THE HAIR


5) The beautiful transition from the pull on two-piece, to grown up rectangles with all the potential of beautiful folds and draping. Hijab puberty!


6) And of course saying it loud and proud: I AM MUSLIM! 🙂



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