Saarah, Russell Square

What is food for Luca about?

“Food4Luca is a small project we started, me and a couple of friends, and its to raise money to help the homeless by providing meals biweekly. We do it by fundraising one week and the next week buying packaging and donating food to the homeless.”

What was your inspiration?

“Our inspiration was that this past year, we saw a lot of people on the streets, more than we had before, and rather than have these ideas about this, we thought lets just do something. Lets do something active, lets get involved and so that’s how it was born. The name Food4Luca is about a homeless guy who I met two years ago who was going through the bin looking for food and so there are people actually out there who are needing a meal, and even if they aren’t feeding someone on the streets is never going to be bad thing”

Why do you think people should get involved with these initiatives?

“As Muslims, we have a lot of these ideas about the way we are supposed to be and the way we are supposed to act in society, but they are only ideas if they are not practiced. So we have to have something more practical about the way we are Muslims, the way we are humans. Its not useful if we are not doing anything with it.”


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