Your world: The news this week


Persecution of Rohingya Muslims continues

Almost 300,000 Rohingya have fled into neighbouring Bangladesh, according to the UN, since renewed violence between state security forces and the minority group began more than two weeks ago.

Myanmar’s Nobel Peace Prize winning Aung San Suu Kyi is facing intense scrutiny over her response to the plight of her nation’s Rohingya population. Suu Kyi once again this week denied allegations of genocide, and claimed that a “huge iceberg of misinformation” is twisting the situation.

However, Suu Kyi remains supported by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has turned away hundreds of thousands of refugees from her borders.

Earthquake strikes Mexico

At least 90 people have died in Thursday’s 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, officials have confirmed. The earthquake was the strongest the country has seen in a century.

A government spokesman said 71 people had been killed in the south-west state of Oaxaca alone.

Hundreds of families have reportedly been camping in the streets, afraid of the dangers of aftershocks. The Mexican Seismological Service said 721 had been recorded since the initial tremor.

Qatar sends aid to Texas

Qatar has awarded $30 million in aid to Texas as the state battles Hurricane Harvey. It is reportedly the largest donation from a foreign government and outdoes the $10 million awarded by the UAE.

The UAE is part of a Saudi led coalition currently boycotting Qatar alleging they fund terrorism, which Qatar denies.

Last week, Qatar also donated a vastly less $100,000 to the Rohingya Muslims, often considered the most persecuted people in the world.

UAE and Israel normalising relations

Wikileaks has exposed that Normalisation between the UAE and Israel is ongoing via secret and public channels and through the Emirati Ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba.

Abu Dhabi prevents the Palestinian flag from being raised in public places and official institutions. The friendship between the UAE and Israel is growing; they are partnered in economic projects, military exercises, and air travel.

An agreement has made between the UAE and Israeli security company, AGT, in order to provide protection for oil and gas facilities in exchange for financial returns.



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