Welcome to the Muslimah Diaries! – your #1 source for spirituality, news and lifestyle! Run by and for Muslim women, we were frustrated at the lack of honest representation of us and the issues we are concerned about. We were tired of people claiming to speak for us and our religion, but not actually raising the topics we were passionate about in ways that truthfully reflected the teachings of Islam. Despite the variety of platforms open to Muslim women, the media narrative of us being oppressed, or otherwise determined to reform our religion for the 21st century still dominates, whilst the majority of Muslim women are pushed to the side, unheard and ignored.

The Muslimah Diaries was created to solve that problem. As a site that relies entirely on the contributions of Muslim women across the world, we want to give a voice to those who are silenced, a platform to those who have something to say, and a safe space for women to share their opinions and gain knowledge.

For your weekly dose of inspiration, check out our articles designed to boost your iman and reconnect you to your Creator. To read up on the latest trending news and opinion pieces, check out our “Trending” pieces. If you just want to read something chill for a change, hit up our Lifestyle tab. And take a look at our ongoing project “Muslimahs of the World”, where we talk to real Muslim women about the issues they are passionate about.


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We ask that Allah (swt) puts barakah in this website and makes it mean for us to gain closeness to him. Ameen!


All material is our own. Copyright The Muslimah Diaries

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