Our writers

Aisha Hasan

dpAisha Hasan is Editor-in-Chief of The Muslimah Diaries. An Economics graduate from London, she focused her degree on development policy and gender economics in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. She is also an aalima student and a Quran teacher. She has been active in the community for the past ten years, writing articles and delivering talks on issues important to the Muslim youth. She currently works as a presenter and producer at the Islam Channel.


Nur Sevencan

Nur Sevencan is a final year student studying Economics at Wellesley College, US with a concentration in art history. She is a regular contributor, and the Marketing and Outreach Director for The Muslimah Diaries. She is passionate about social justice issues within an Islamic framework. She previously worked at IMAN Central and volunteers  for religious communities in Boston. She can be found on Twitter: @nomadicturk

Iman Amin

imanIman is an alimah student at Al Salam Institute, and a youth worker at Bayaan Youth Group for young Muslim girls. She takes a great interest in current affairs and the role of Islam in society today. She hopes to pursue further studies in the Arabic language and the Quran. You can follow her on Twitter: @hearandweobey



Sarah Salih

Sarah Salih is a Qalam seminary graduate and the co-ordinator of Conscious, a youth lead organisation dedicated to youth and female empowerment which we aim to bring to light through a practical and relevant understanding of Islam.