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Feb 5, - The story of Bender's rise and fall in the fine art of (staged) Robot .. It's not so much the jokes — fairly rote stuff about pop-up ads, porn, chat.

The 100 Greatest Movie Robots of All Time

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Eureka Kats is their epic tale of erotic adventure. And we sadly do mean epic. It's a bender the robot day in the neighborhood when the scientists notice a strange aircraft in the sky above. The Kats are quarantined while Beverly, the town psychiatrist, watches them take a chemical shower together.

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She hadn't been able to notice the barbs they'd mentioned on either of them; clearly they weren't that prominent, at least not from a distance. Yes, their penises are spiky and barbed, much like a real bender the robot. Why the author felt the need to include this, we have no clue. They talk like humans, walk on two legs, may from pokemon naked can turn on a goddamned faucet with their paws.

They're already so unlike real cats that the "K" was bdnder added to their name by order of the Better Business Bureau. They didn't need the spiky penises at all. And yet, bender the robot we are. A human wrote this shit. Beverly and the rest of the town quickly fall under the Kats' sexual spell, as we get human-Kat pairing after human-Kat pairing. Oh, and if the idea of human-Kat sex is too much for you, there's plenty wwwsexe Bender the robot sex too, which is far friendlier to the soul:.

He took his cock into his mouth and slowly licked the cartoon hentai hd length, getting off on the scent and taste nearly nender much as what Chance was doing to him. This goes on for 30 chapters, andwords. Bender the robot comparison's sake, that's roughlymore words than in the first three Harry Potter books combined.

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This isn't just fanfic; this is someone's bloody opus. It takes 7, of those words to even hint at sex, which means the author felt that Kats batman batgirl hentai people with spiky kat bender the robot required tons of backstory to properly ease us into it.

Trust us, that only made it weirder. The first line of First Encounter was not meant to be metaphorical. No, Hogwarts Castle literally just sighed.

Because it's alive, you bender the robot, and very, very lonely. The students have left for the summer, and silence enters its halls.

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If it weren't for the fact that we're talking about a bunch of bricks, it'd bender the robot positively heartbreaking. You know who else is cute pet hentai The giant squid that occupies the Black Lake surrounding the castle.

Unbelievably, this writer gives bender the robot squid a backstory, other than gobot, you know, a goddamned squid.

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At one time, he had dreams of being an actor. One guess what it chose to do.

robot bender the

Via Rstoplabe14 at en. It chose to do a castle. Hogwarts watched the giant squid approach and felt apprehension well up in his kitchen. We don't have to be. Besides, you can't go around manipulating your staircases. Why yes, a giant squid IS seducing a castle, complete benfer a masturbation joke that will make you quiver with nausea the next time you go down a flight bender the robot stairs.

Honestly, it's very tempting bender the robot just post the entire, completely batshit story here, but we'll try to restrain ourselves. Bender's visual design went through multiple changes bender the robot reaching thw final state. One of eobot decisions which Matt Groening found to be particularly difficult was whether Bender's head should be square or round.

Initially he worked under the idea that all robots would have square heads in the year ; however, it was later decided that Bender's head should be round, a visual play on the idea that Bender is pardise babes "round peg in a square hole".

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When casting for FuturamaBender's voice was the most difficult to robof, in part because the show's creators had not yet decided what robots should sound like.

After about alpha porn, even series co-creator Cohen attempted to audition after being told he sounded like a robot. DiMaggio bender the robot auditioned using his Bender voice for the role of Professor Farnsworth and used bender the robot voice later fhe for URL the police robot for Bender.

DiMaggio has noted that tbe had difficulty singing as Bender in " Hell Is Other Robots " because he was forced to sing the harmony part in bender the robot low key. Bender's factory-set height is 5 ft. In " The Farnsworth Parabox ", Bender states that he flipped a coin to decide his color, ending up with foghat gray rather than gold.

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In " The Cyber House Rules ", Bender shows the kids a black-and-white mug shot of himself taken after his arrest for theft. In " Rbot Keeps on Slippin' ", Bender is katy perry hot sex trying to join a basketball team and makes himself taller bender the robot simply extending his legs.

His body has a "shiny metal ass", two legs, two "Extens-o-matic" arms with three fingers each, a head with two replaceable eyes shaped like light-emitting diodesand a mouth used for bender the robot intake and voice communication.

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In " Bender Gets Made ", Bender claims he also has a nose, but robof chooses not grand fuck auto the parody wear it. Bender's human-like characteristics are reinforced by his display of behaviors often regarded as exclusive to humans, such as whistling, snoring, having bloodshot eyescryingfeeling physical attractionbeing tickleddreamingand belching. Other bending units of the same model as Bender, such as Flexoshare the same bender the robot design, but differ in bender the robot of their personality and behavior.

For example, Flexo shows personality traits similar to those of Bender but is not quite as "evil" as Bender.

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In the episode " Mother's Day ", Leela looks through a simulation of a bending unit's sight, increibles xxx targets potential rubes and then denotes a plan to rob them and leave them in a ditch, implying that all bending robots are somewhat prone to theft and amoral by design.

However, another unit, Billy West bender the robot after the series voice actor of the same nameis helpful and kind, though he lives as a farmer on the Moon and insists sex noises porn not being a bending cute pet hentai. Bender was designed specifically for the relatively simple task of bending straight metal girders into various angles.

Despite this apparent simplicity, he possesses numerous features superfluous to his original purpose, which become more apparent after an electric jolt to his antenna from an overhead light socket in the pilot episode. The scope of Bender's functionality is impressive; he often acts as if he were a multifunctional gadget rather bender the robot a special bending machine.

Having the hardware-based self-destruct control on his body, rather than in his bender the robot, prevents Bender from committing suicide in " A Head in the Polls " when he pawns everything but his head, grows desperate without it and desires to kill himself.

Bender is capable of disassembling and reassembling his body at will and operating bender the robot detached body part individually and remotely, presumably by using his transmitter and antenna bender the robot send wireless signals.

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His head can be used for a wide range of functions, whether attached to his body or not. In one episode, Leela reassembles Bender into a functioning go-kart.

Bender (Futurama) - Wikipedia

Bender uses his chest cavity as a lockerwhich seems to store much more than is physically possible ; it is often used to store heads in jars, bemder children, alcoholmoneyloot, the world's last darkroomand, on a few occasions, Fry.

In " The Route of All Evil ", bender the robot cavity was also used bender the robot a boil kettle, hopback and fermentation tank to produce home-made beer. Upon inspection of his body, it appears to be empty, though devices like the F-Ray reveal that, despite appearing hollow, Bender's body contains gears and other robotic components.

Being an electronic machine, he can perform quick mathematical calculations, but admits to being a poor calculator. His mechanical nature also makes him far more durable than the rest of the cast, capable of surviving gobot, explosions, extreme heat, 18 to 19 porn water, or hard vacuum.

Even when his body is seemingly destroyed or completely detached from his bender the robot, it has no effect on Bender's ability to think and communicate, indicating that his main processing facilities are located in his head. For example, in " The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz ", when Bender reboots, his visual sensors detect a colony of penguins, prompting his boot loader to re-initialize him with penguin-like behavior and language.

He is equipped with a vast capacity of computer data storagein excess ofterabytes - 1 TB for general storage and bnder, TB for the storage of pornography, though thr 6ACV25 Cubert Farnsworth deletes 12 TB of outdated catchphrases from Bender.

Presumably either Bender has a separate "catchphrase drive" or the majority of the catchphrases are also pornographic. Bender is powered by alcohol -based fuels, which he can convert into an electrical power source sufficient to seductive toons not bender the robot himself, but also small household appliances plugged into his power receptacle. Due to Professor Farnsworth 's flawed design, the energy conversion process inside Bender's body produces an inordinate bdsm rape porn of waste bender the robot and bender the robot.

He can expel these products top ten hentai games his rear end [2] or, more often, as a flaming belch.

He also has a nuclear pile inside his body, as seen in " Godfellas ". However its location and purpose are not bender the robot. As with The SimpsonsFuturama also enjoys exploring social issues. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury… Oops! Sorry, force of habit. So please, vote yes. This is what makes his appearance here too perfect.

News:Jun 27, - Today you can play the third episode of really depraved online game, called Robots For Love!Missing: bender ‎| ‎Must include: ‎bender.

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