Interracial marriages: between ignorance & #couplegoals

Zahraa Ahmed Marriage. As humans, it’s a word we’ve either come to love or despise. From hearing about failed relationships to individuals who have been married for over three decades, it’s fair to say that it is an issue that has been talked about throughout time. However, when we look to the Muslim community, we see that there seems to be a hesitancy to talk … Continue reading Interracial marriages: between ignorance & #couplegoals

Materialism is an identity crisis

By Aisha Mohsin “Materialism is an identity crisis” How intelligently does Mr. Bryant McGill put the whole idea into perspective? Before we discuss why materialism is an identity crisis, we must ponder over what identity actually means and what are the factors leading to its crisis. What is Identity?  Identity is defined as “a sense of self” or “the distinguishing character/personality of an individual”. We … Continue reading Materialism is an identity crisis

It’s not controversial – Muslim social events should be segregated

A Muslimah writes As wedding season comes to a close, many young Muslims will be scrolling through the photos from occasions of their friends and family members who tied the knot, also dreaming of their big day. But one thing that Muslim millenials seem not to be considering when it comes to social events, be it marriage related or otherwise, is whether such events should … Continue reading It’s not controversial – Muslim social events should be segregated

Iz – A Uyghur poem

Iz Uyghurçe, n. Trace For as long as I can remember, my mother would recite the poem Iz by Abdurehim Ötkür (see end for poem) in its original Uyghur tongue (Uyghurçe). What followed was always the same: praise of how Ötkür brilliantly narrates the Uyghur struggle, how deftly the Uyghur language carries the weight of centuries of heritage, the systematic dissolving of our history and culture through … Continue reading Iz – A Uyghur poem

Muslim, woman and working – the challenges

By Safiyyah Yufenu It is well established that Allah allows women to make choices in regards to balancing responsibilities within and outside of the home. Muslim women choose to work outside of the home for various reasons. Some want to supplement the income of their husbands in order to achieve higher living standards. Others want to establish college and other educational savings for their children. Apart … Continue reading Muslim, woman and working – the challenges