Ramadan Diary #1: To prep or not to prep

In our latest series of articles, Arta A. takes us on her journey through the blessed month Ramadan with weekly diary entries! From sharing her reflections on this important occasion, to sharing practical tips in overcoming the challenges faced, stay tuned for her updates. With Ramadan quite literally around the corner, like everyone else I am trying to be as prepared as possible for this … Continue reading Ramadan Diary #1: To prep or not to prep

My liberal MSA caused me to doubt Islam

A Muslimah writes I am a Muslim woman and attend one of the most liberal universities in the West. Coming to college caused me doubt to Islam in many ways and, like many of us at American universities, I often found myself confused and frustrated in the liberal space I was in. Upon entering this school, I was first introduced to what it meant to … Continue reading My liberal MSA caused me to doubt Islam

A Muslim’s argument against vegetarianism

Nur Sevencan A couple of years ago, a brother sparked controversy online when he wrote the article “The Halal Bubble and The Sunnah Imperative to Go Vegan”. The article attracted criticism, such that the author eventually had to write a response to deal with possible misconceptions the article may have caused. But such an idea has become more popular in the Muslim community since then. … Continue reading A Muslim’s argument against vegetarianism

Interracial marriages: between ignorance & #couplegoals

Zahraa Ahmed Marriage. As humans, it’s a word we’ve either come to love or despise. From hearing about failed relationships to individuals who have been married for over three decades, it’s fair to say that it is an issue that has been talked about throughout time. However, when we look to the Muslim community, we see that there seems to be a hesitancy to talk … Continue reading Interracial marriages: between ignorance & #couplegoals

Materialism is an identity crisis

By Aisha Mohsin “Materialism is an identity crisis” How intelligently does Mr. Bryant McGill put the whole idea into perspective? Before we discuss why materialism is an identity crisis, we must ponder over what identity actually means and what are the factors leading to its crisis. What is Identity?  Identity is defined as “a sense of self” or “the distinguishing character/personality of an individual”. We … Continue reading Materialism is an identity crisis