We can’t shy away from controversial questions anymore

By Iman Amin A few weeks ago in my fiqh class a fellow student posed a series of questions to my teacher on the topic of slavery in Islam, and more specifically, the topic of having intimate relations with your slave girl. So my teacher proceeded to answer his question, followed by the teacher from next class who overheard. I watched in admiration as both … Continue reading We can’t shy away from controversial questions anymore

Sadiya, Moorgate

“Ramadan is a very special time of year. For me it is the one time of the year where my life has consistency. We live in a time and world where things change daily. Everyday, month and year is different. Different people in your life, different responsibilities, different sources of happiness. Ramadan on the other hand is reliable, consistent and that gives me a sense … Continue reading Sadiya, Moorgate

“Did non-Muslims pay more taxes?”

From Nur in Boston On Saturday, I was visiting the Art of Qur’an exhibition at the Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. It was the last day of the exhibition and it was packed, you could probably find the largest concentration of the Muslims in the city in and around the building on that day. Expectedly, there were non-Muslims who were also visiting, and … Continue reading “Did non-Muslims pay more taxes?”