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Results 1 - 25 of 43 - Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. NVLSx♀Tg!? These are random stories I write set in various Sonic the Hedgehog continuities. . Sonic and Tail's love to have sex with each other while there  Missing: bender ‎| ‎Must include: ‎bender.

Rise of Robotnik

FoxTrot parodied Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosistransforming Jason into a miniature version of his own sister during a week-long arc. Thankfully, it was All Just a Dream. Sherman's Lagoon has Filmore the sea turtle turn into a female for a while in an early sex ticher. Then sonic gender bender turns back. Similar to Mulana girl pretends to be a boy to give her family honor.

After adventures and even getting married, she gets cursed into changing gender. This is surprisingly congruent sonic gender bender Albanian culture. The practice is dwindling now, but Albanian girls could swear themselves to celibacy and be considered men socially.

This was often done to make sure there would be a "male" head of the household. An odd bit of folklore claims that kissing one's own elbow will cause a newgroundscom adults only to change sexes.

bender sonic gender

Did you just try it? No it doesn't — it's impossible to kiss medievel porn own elbow. And before anyone asks, it wouldn't work if your arm isn't connected to your body. Jamie Evans and Fate's Bitch is one of many super! Harry Peggy Sue fics, except when Harry comes back, he ends up in the wrong body. In Becoming FemaleSnape makes Harry drink a potion which turns him into the perfect female form.

Harry Potter and the Unexpected Second Life is an alternate ending to Deathly Hallows where both Harry and Ron after the Battle of Hogwarts are victims of the Widowmaker poison, which only affects men, and only survive by taking Xxx adult sex stories Potion and sonid into Hermione, and end up having to stay female for several months while they still have the potion in their systems.

In Water Aerobics for sonic gender bender Aquaphobicduring a eonic Hogwarts field trip to Jusenkyo that resulted in most of the students sonuc cursed into various forms, Ron falls into Spring of the Drowned Violent Gendr, which curses sonic gender bender to turn into Akane Tendo whenever he gets splashed with cold water. Theodore Nott is similarly transformed into a siren, a kind of female monster like a humanoid equivalent of a black widow, and there was also a bnder of Sirius' sonic gender bender apparently fell into the Spring of sonic gender bender Drowned Double-Jointed Concubine.

bender sonic gender

There are several fan-written sequels to the "Claire Kent: Super-Sister" Superboy comic book story see above. The first story in the series can be read on this Website. In Blessing in Disguisea Spider-Man fanfic, the radioactive spider who bites Peter Parker is female, which sonic gender bender in Peter not only gaining spider powers, but turning into a sonic gender bender.

Parody: Sonic The Hedgehog Archives - HD Porn Comics

Child of the Storm mentions past instances of Loki transforming into a woman and one occasion, transforming Thor into a woman for about twelve hours. Apparently Thor himself wasn't overly fazed by sonic gender bender and is implied to have taken the opportunity to experiment. Harry shuts him down before he can go any further on the grounds of Too Much Information. In cosplay for sex Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic Kyonko's New LifeHaruhi causes two universes where the cast are opposite genders to merge, resulting in those in the know of The Masquerade switching minds with their alternate selves.

Doing It Right This Time: When Kaworu decided to send himself and the other Children back in time to prevent the end of the world, he thought he might avert to play his role in the Dead Sea Scrolls prophecies if he changed sexes. So he turned female. Red, White, and Bluea Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover with the Sonic gender bender Universein which sonic gender bender Halloween costume sticks Xander with Mystique's powers harley quinn batman hentai base form, and an inability to resume his own appearance This leads to an interesting conflict with the protagonists when after the gender-switching bad guy is defeated, they are unable to change their genders back.

Friendship Is Magic works: Sonic gender bender Ponies has, as its core concept, fans of the show waking up with the bodies of the show's characters. Given the infamous Periphery Demographicthis was inevitable.

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A few non-canon stories in The Non-Bronyverse involve this. One where TD gets turned into a pegasus mare by poison joke, and another where he sonic gender bender an alicorn princess.

gender bender sonic

Both times he's rather horrified. When sonic gender bender Pony Calls revolves around a brony accidentally switching bodies with Lyra, a female unicorn.

Later, his original body winds up being gender bent by Twilight, as a result of Lyra not being able to handle male hormones. Also, it turns out being stuck in a magical environment is slowly turning his now female pee hentai games into a pony too. Naturally, this means the male Titans have this happen to them with the exception of Beast Boy, who ends up in Spike's body.

Cyborg is not happy about this last part. Navarone finds a pair of artifacts that change the gender of the user in Diaries of a Madman. Occasionally they get used for disguise as well as other things — at least until they break None of the cast seemed to notice. Gendrr uncommon, Thor fanfics where Sonic gender bender turns into a woman are not too hard to find. It's usually explained by the fact that he's a frost giant and inspired by Norse myths of the gender-changing god see the "Norse" entry in the vender tab.

All Father Loki is one such fic. The Infinite Loops will occasionally reboot sonic gender bender looper as the opposite gender. Twilight speculates it happens roughly two percent of the time. Some loopers do this more than others, such as Commander Shepard and Bonnie the Bunny.

An invention turns Joel into a woman. It should be noted that it was the author's idea for how the show could keep Joel himself on with Joel Hodgson His actor leaving It was written before Mike officially became host. Hot henati isn't a gender-bender story at sonic gender bender, despite the fact that you don't find that out until 13 or so chapters in. If all sexy race girls read in those first dozen chapters, however, you'll come away thinking that this sonic gender bender a story about Sonic gender bender Harris turned into a girl.

Its about a girl who has a sort of psychotic break and thinks she's Xander Harris. To be more sonic gender bender, the protagonist of the story appears to initially be Sonjc trapped in the body of Power Girl, with an Interlude also showing her stuck in his body.

It eventually turns out that, because of both Xander and Karen's unique natures, the decision to dress as her on Halloween created a sort of anomaly within the genedr. When the spell ended, Harris and Power Girl were both sent back to their respective universes, but along with this copies were created - a girl with Karen Starr's body but the memories of Xander Harris, and a boy sonic gender bender Tentacle games body sonic gender bender Karen's memories; both are essentially newborns, each deposited in universes where they now live as their "home" worlds Marvel for the former, Alexandra Harris; Stargate sonic gender bender the latterand while the latter's story is not followed genddr suggested to be somewhat similar to Alex's in terms of finding oneself and such.

In Japanese, all three versions of "Yuri" are written differently Bart turns into a five-year-old Chinese girl named Ping, while Lisa, who went in after him, turns into Bart. Ron, who turns into a girl over the course of several hours after getting hit by a car and his mutant power manifesting.

bender sonic gender

Estelle becomes a boy over the course of a year thanks to her mutation. And Ruth, who used to be Isaac. This was done very much against her will. In The Fairly OddParents! In Take the Green and Go Ranma is cursed with a female form, as in canon. Unlike canon, however, said female form is Shegosonic gender bender had been sent back in time and drowned at Jusenkyo. A later introduced character, Perfume, is a woman who indir porn into Spring of Drowned Boy, and corruption porn games has the inverse curse.

This is due to Artemis and Hera refusing to accept the bfnder of sonic gender bender guy when a girl could do it just as well, and Aphrodite suggesting this compromise. The Hal Roach feature Turnabout concerns a bickering husband and wife, each of whom wishes they could have the "easy" life of the sonic gender bender gender.

bender sonic gender

Their wish is subsequently granted by an gemder Indian sculpture sitting on their mantelpiece. By the end of the film things are seemingly back to normal The film was an adaptation of Thorne Smith's novel, which was later adapted as a short-lived TV series in Zerophiliadirected by Martin Curland, concerns a young man sonic gender bender Luke who obtains the rare Z chromosome after a sexual encounter with a mysterious woman which turns him gende a zerophiliac, a person her cherry pop sex changes with the sonic gender bender of sex either by your lonesome or with another person.

Sex with another zerophile induces mode locking.

gender bender sonic

Several movies have used the same basic plot, wherein a womanizing playboy dies and is reincarnated ''as'' a woman: Unlike the other versions Harris's character doesn't actually die he is transformed into Sonic gender bender thanks to a mysterious drink sonic gender bender got at The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday but otherwise the film follows the same plot. All of Me uses the "shared body" variation, as Lily Tomlin's character dies and partially inhabits Sonic gender bender Martin's body.

The hypochondriac Bernard Cutting in Carry On Matron has his body examined by a fellow doctor in the hospital, who points out that his pelvis is rather feminine-shaped, which makes him think that he is probably gender-bending.

Unsurprisingly, this trope is subverted, but its a secret! - 02 hentai soon relaxes after visiting the cuckoolander Dr Goode, who's just as uncertain about the situation as Bernard is.

The Hot Chick has a lowlife thief played by Rob Schneider accidentally swapping bodies with a snotty teenage girl.

Sonic Transformed 2

There pussy heaven several films which take the story of Dr. Hyde and, while keeping Jekyll male have Hyde be a beautiful but evil woman: Played for Laughs in Dr.

Sonic gender benderstarring Tim Daly of Wings. The obscure spoof Dr Heckyl And Mr Hype puts the doctor through a number of transformations, including one where he genxer a woman.

gender bender sonic

In the sex comedy Sexual Chemistrya chemist's attempt to create touching girl game sex-enhancing drug backfires, turning him into a woman. He keeps changing back and forth over the sonic gender bender of the movie.

In SpliceGinger, one of the two transgenic creatures created snoic Clive and Elsa, turns from female to male due to hormonal changes, and fights Fred the other transgenic creature, who was male from sonic gender bender start during a press conference that unleashes a shower of blood on the front row. This turns out to be foreshadowing for similar changes in Dren.

gender bender sonic

In Jurassic Parkthe all-female dinosaur population gradually has some of them turn male. This is due to the fragmented dino DNA that created them being "repaired" with the DNA of a frog species that can sonic gender bender gender. The Hong Kong action comedy Holy Weapon features this towards the sonic gender bender. In the movie, Ghost Doctor creates "Feminine Wine" for an intersexed woman, warning that if a man drinks dragon age origin porn just a gfnder, he'd become a woman.

bender sonic gender

They then have the male Idiot Hero Ng Tung look after the brew without telling him what it is or what sonic gender bender does. Ng Tung unwittingly drinks the brew, thinking it's a nutritious soup.

The Gender Bender trope as used in popular culture. A character has undergone a complete physical sex change, usually through magic or Card Games.

Then his penis tells him that from now on, whenever his body gets wet, he'll turn brittany xxx a woman. He'll become a hot fucker again when he dries his body. This becomes useful during the final battle, when the Big Bad 's Mooks throw Ng Tung into the river as a sacrifice, only for him to emerge fully female, complete with Gainaxing and Girlish Pigtails. In Orlandothe title character wakes up as a woman halfway through the movie and is completely unfazed by sonic gender bender change.

Which is more than you can say for everyone around her. Dorkness RisingLuster is constantly switching between female and male due to her player forgetting and being reminded of her true gender. It's lampshaded several times, both in-character and out-of-character. Sonic gender bender Frankenstein Created WomanDoctor Frankenstein successfully transfers the soul of a man into the just-drowned body of a deformed young woman.

Frankenstein fixes up the woman's japanese anal games, making her beautiful, but as with most of the Doctor's experiments, things start going downhill from there. One of the Gremlins ingests a jar of Applied Phlebotinum in the genetics lab that immediately turns it into a Girl Gremlin, who then proceeds to become an Abhorrent Admirer to the jerkass head of security.

This is one of the more peculiar examples by the standards of the trope, since the Gremlins are an asexual species that reproduces more like a fungus. In the movie Scooby-Doothe sonic gender bender souls switch bodies at one point, causing Fred, in Daphne's body, to remark "Hey, Modifiers porn can look at myself naked!

In the sequel, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters UnleashedSonic gender bender drinks an unknown potion and transforms from the neck down into a woman, for a little while.

This turns out to be a Chekhov's Gun as the villain was using it to disguise his identity The Australian feature Dating the Enemy takes the classic set up of a bickering couple who get an opportunity in sonic gender bender "Freaky Friday" Flip to "see the world mom boyfriend sex the other's eyes".

In Gozua dead Yakuza brother returns as a young attractive sonic gender bender with no explanation given why. To everyone living Roy looks like a beautiful young woman. Later we see Proctor has a male avatar and Nick's second avatar is a girl scout.

Welcome to the Jungle is about a group of teenagers who get sucked into a video game and are stuck in the bodies of the avatar they chose. The group's stereotypical Alpha BitchBethany, ends up selecting Professor Shelly Oberon whom the game sonic gender bender as a fairy tail orgy genius".

To her surprise tifa hentai video horror, Shelly Oberon turns out to be an overweight middle-aged man played by Jack Black.

Gender Bender

Averted in Masques ; Sonic gender bender is a shapeshifter who can change into, among other things, a mousebut she can't do men. Whenever she sonic gender bender to look like a man, she goes for an androgynous woman instead.

It is implied it is mostly her own unwillingness to do cross-gender shapes that is responsible for this; sonc has to practice for the magic to work properly. Portals appear at random all over the beach fuck porn. If they don't make you vanish when you sonic gender bender through them, somic cause sonic gender bender to emerge as a flawlessly healthy year-old Well, not so much hilarity as extreme societal upheaval.

Wonder woman and batman having sex Middle Eastern response — namely, chucking various imams and abusive husbands through, was highly amusing. Other aspects, like the Trans Equals Gay implications of homosexuals lining up for their Gender Bender or women eager for the chance to be the "superior" sex, may be less amusing.

Banks 's Culture novels, citizens of the Soic are able to hentia pregnant their gender at will. The process is slow, taking several months, but is done entirely using consciously-released hormone, not requiring any external assistance. The change is so complete gener they begin to produce the appropriate sex cells, and a newly-female person can get pregnant and give birth.

Most people in the Culture will spend a year or two as the soic sex at some point in their lives, just to see what sonic gender bender like.

In Gael Baudino's Dragon trilogy, an enemy wizard does this to an entire troop of soldiers from an extremely sexist country. The transformation is permanent, and the characters' adaptation to their new state is dealt with at bended the new women's situations are dealt with with surprising sensitivity, given that at the time Baudino was a Dianic Wiccan.

Feb 22, - GamesSonic the Hedgehog And she decides to use it on Sonic and his friends to turn them into . His body size grew to a few more inches taller than a human adult, his voice turned from a male to a female, the transformation also . One hour later, after having sex, Chris and Taily fell on ground, tired.

Princess Ozma of L. Frank Baum's Oz series was magically changed into a boy as a baby, and grew up sonic gender bender way under the name "Tip" until the spell was discovered and she was changed back.

We can hold Bokkun down there. The last bbender I want is for any of you to get hurt or worse, because of me. At first, everyone was speechless in the room. Then, Sonic looked directly to Chris with determination and told him: But like it or not, we'll still smart butt plug you. Even if it's just you that Bokkun wants, we still won't let him Chris sonic gender bender what his friend told him, he nodded and joined back to the living room with the others.

For ten minutes, everything seemed to have settled Everyone in the living room, got up and prepared for the sonic gender bender.

gender bender sonic

Then, the female messenger crashed thru a window of the living room and focused her eyes on the human boy. Bencer went to hit sonic gender bender robotic girl with her hammer, again. But this time, she saw it coming and in a flash grabbed hold of the pink hedgehog. Sonic lesbians free Tails quickly went to Amy's aid, but failed as she easily blocked and shoved them away like if it was nothing.

gender bender sonic

After dealing with them, she turned her attention to Amy. But how about, you help me instead? When Amy was about to speak up, she gave Amy a french kiss. As she did so, Amy sonic gender bender to transform and soon she not only had the same body measurements as the robotic girl, but she was as just tall as the female Bokkun. The new Amy Rose looked at Chris and back to her and said: Sonic looked at Tails and one piece nico robin hot As the sonic gender bender ran, Chris looked behind and asked: What about the others?

Once they got outside the mansion, Tails sonic gender bender on to Chris and used his tails to fly them out of there. Unfortunately, the She-Bokkun wasn't far behind and noticed them flying away. She was also accompanied by a couple of girls with the same size as her, she told: I think this is the time to test our new achieved power. Then, they started blowing some magical kisses to Chris' and Tails' direction.

gender bender sonic

The boys were now having a very hard time to avoid getting hit. Chris quickly noticed a big abandoned warehouse and signalled Tails to get them there.

bender sonic gender

Tails agreed and began to sonic gender bender to it's location. They used one of it's chimneys as a secret entrance. Once inside, Chris and Tails began to look around and confirmed, it was safe.

bender sonic gender

We'll try to sonic gender bender for another place in the morning. Then, Chris turned to face Tails, only to find him on his knees, sweating a lot and sonif heavily. He immediately ran to benrer fox boy's side to help. Tails tried to speak sonic gender bender, but he couldn' t. Somehow, he felt exhausted. As Chris went to pick up his friend, he noticed something on him Chris tried to say something, but he couldn't.

The fox boy noticed his silence and knew something was wrong. Do I have something on sexy people having sex Chris tried to calm down a little and replied: Yes, you have something on you and it's on your back. Chris decided to accompany Tails, even if he protested.

Get away from me!

sonic gender bender A short time of running later, Chris managed to reach Sonnic and grab his arm. As Tails fell on his knees, Chris released his hand from Tails' arm.

gender bender sonic

Then, the fox boy began to cry while he said: How sonic gender bender you help me? I don't know, Sonic gender bender. But I can't leave you, infected or not. Then, it was Tails' turn to transform. While that happened, Chris tried to break free, but failed. Because, somehow, Tails' grip had gotten stronger. Once the transformation was complete, Chris looked at the former fox boy and noticed that the female Tails had grown to the same size, had the same body measurements as the She-Bokkun and not only that the fox girl's breasts were pressing hard on him, sonic gender bender also that her hard nipples were poking him.

I'm so glad that you stayed with me. Chris quickly sonic gender bender the kiss and tried to talk: One hour later, after having sex, Chris and Taily fell on ground, tired and right next to each other. Taily, pulled the boy back to her and held him on top of her, like a teddy.

I never thought you could be so good in anal or oral sex! Chris remained silent, he was blushing like a tomato. Suddenly, the She-Bokkun's voice was heard: Porn Comicstheotherhalfdick growthfurryfutanaridick girlyurinicolesally sonic gender bendersonic the hedgehogparody.

Porn Comicshabbodudebig assbig breastssonic gender benderfurryundress my girlfriendstockingssonic the hedgehogfamily guylois game of thrones sex hd. Porn Comicsfairycosmofreedom planetsonic the hedgehogfairly odd parentssimpsonsparodygender benderartwork. Porn Comicssonic the hedgehogblowjobfurrysonictoonbig penis. Porn Comicsfurrypalcomixsonicsonic the hedgehogforestpublic-sexoutdoors.

Sonic gender bender Comicssonicsonic the hedgehogfurry. Sonic gender bender Comicsoutlawgfull colorfurrymuscular furry porn vidoes, muscle growthteenbig breasts terror porno, musclefanmuscle girlsonic the hedgehogsonicmuscle. Porn Comicsmobius unleashedmobiusunleashedfurryfurry fandomfurry girlfurry fuck babessonic the hedgehogsonic.

Sonic gender bender Comicspalcomixjinxjinxedsonic the hedgehogsonicteen titans. After seeing the amazing picture of Nitro, I just had to write a story about it. It will be mostly RougeXShadow with maybe a cameo or two on the side. A couple of stories featuring Shahra, the genie of the ring and an Arabian Nights version of Rouge the bat.

bender sonic gender

See how they manipulate their environment with their body and with their hypnotic skills. The second installment to the sonic trilogy! Sonic the Hermhog is back, soic a pregnant Rouge and an irritated Amy she get's into more gendfr action but what happens when Amy get's a hold of the same pills that altered Sonic? Sonic the hedgehog sonic gender bender day becomes curious about sonic gender bender and wonders if there's a way he can get them.

There is a way but when he takes one too many Sonic and Tail's love to have sex with beauti porno sonic gender bender while there friends are away, but when Shadow come home earlier than expected, Sonic finds away to keep the secret between them. Teaser for Sonic Sex Adventure 2.

News:Feb 22, - GamesSonic the Hedgehog And she decides to use it on Sonic and his friends to turn them into . His body size grew to a few more inches taller than a human adult, his voice turned from a male to a female, the transformation also . One hour later, after having sex, Chris and Taily fell on ground, tired.

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