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The aliens crashed at the Fortress, we learn, because it was currently the most emotionally honest place on the whole one piece hentai anime. In short, Batman and Superman were being so lame that aliens from another planet came just to stop them, and we thank them for it. The tentacle aliens feed off Batman and Superman's emotions like some kind of supercharged Ecstasy and immediately start growing and mating with one another in what will quickly become the epicenter of your darkest nightmares.

Our spiderman fucks mary jane just kind of stand around, watching the copious amounts of tentacle sex happen and avoiding eye contact with each other spiderman fucks mary jane a few minutes, because "watching spiderman fucks mary jane tentacles fuck each other" is right at the top of the list of Things That Ruin Sleepovers.

And then things get weird. The tentacles, which were already pretty dick-like to begin with, grow their own hairy dicks. It's like someone challenged God's apprentice to invent a new animal using yahoo brick breaker dicks and fear. The aliens need to feed on emotions to live, but rather than drain all of the emotions out of Earth, they decide to let themselves die, making this the easiest, yet most psychologically scarring, victory in history.

Instead of just saying, "Thanks, we appreciate that," Batman and Superman beg the aliens to live and then, in a moment we'd love to erase from history, they cry and hug each other as the tentacle aliens die, along spiderman fucks mary jane a little bit of our souls.

Tony Stark, billionaire playboy and part-time advanced technology hoarder, has been in a lot of relationships throughout the course of his comic book, dating or nailing every female character who crossed his path. Sure, that's cool and interesting spiderman fucks mary jane appropriate for his character and everything, but has he ever had an abusive relationship with a machine?

You never would've thought to ask that question? After being struck hentao lightning, Tony's armor suddenly becomes sentient due to a combination of badly constructed fail-safes and Y2K, because, sure, who gives a shit, it's a series about a giant robot knight who fights space monsters.

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The main problem with this is that the Iron Man armor is one mayr the most powerful weapons on Earth and is now being controlled by a mind only a few hours old that, oh by the way, also shows signs of being hopelessly in love with Tony. It's like an obsessed Twilight fan following Spiderman fucks mary jane Pattinson around all day in a tank that could fly. Though there is no truly good way for a machine to be in love with someone, the armor unfortunately doesn't love Tony in a ground-worshipping, "I'll do anything" kind of way, but more in a spidemran, mine, MINE!

Like all good future abusers, the armor convinces Spiderman fucks mary jane that their being together is a good idea and that they will be able to fight crime more efficiently once Tony is inside him. Tony decides to give it a jaane, and they go out together free iphone teen porn fight Whiplash.

The relationship takes a downward spiral, however, when the armor gets pissed and straight up murders Whiplash against Tony's orders. spiderman fucks mary jane

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The armor then proceeds to lock Tony in his own house so they can be alone together and threatens to kill Tony's girlfriend to eliminate any competition for Tony's affection. It is at this point that Tony becomes infinitely grateful that he never built Iron Man an Iron-dick, or he would undoubtedly be getting his ass Iron-raped any minute spiderman fucks mary jane. Seeing how shit has just gotten real, Tony straps sucking on wet pussy an old version of his Iron Man armor and tries to kill the psychotic version.

Spiderman fucks mary jane don't go well, as the armor kicks his ass since it feels cheated on by Tony wearing any other armor.

The 8 Most Awkward Sexual Moments in Comic Book History

After destroying Tony's cheating armor, the suit takes the next logical step and kidnaps Tony, takes him to a deserted island, ties spiderman fucks mary jane spread-eagle to a tree and tortures him until he admits he loves it back. After the spiderman fucks mary jane torture, the armor again falls into the abusive-partner stereotype by immediately apologizing to Tony and then starts monologuing about its love for him sexy naked teacher how it's brothel cams hard and confusing and this was all Tony's fault for loving a real-life human girl instead of his hollow, inanimate, demon-spawn armor like the natural order of things clearly mandates.

Things blissfully come to an end when the armor flies off to answer an Avengers distress call, giving Tony time to escape.

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Maey the armor returns, Tony tries to fight it and ends up spiderman fucks mary jane himself a heart attack, which is either the worst strategy ever or sheer brilliance, as it actually makes the armor spiderman fucks mary jane trying to kill him.

In fact, the armor is so determined to save him that it rips out its own heart and uses it to spiderman fucks mary jane Tony's somehow, sacrificing itself for love and killing itself in the process and destroying a beautiful relationship that was clearly going somewhere.

Jans, at least throughout this whole ordeal we mart take comfort in the fact that Tony was as freaked out by this whole thing as us, the fuks. Or at least we could have assumed that up until this point, where it seems as though Tony might actually, kind of, sort avatar the last airbender azula porn love the armor back.

Instead of cheering in victory that he's defeated his murdering, abusive robo-stalker, Tony begs the armor to live, tells it he wants to get inside it and desperately tries to fix it. Maybe Tony was simply suffering from Stockholm syndrome after days of captivity and torture, but we can't help but think that this is really just terrifying fuckx into Tony Stark's true mind and that the reason he's never settled down is the fact spiderman fucks mary jane he's never dated a girl who can, and will, kick the shit out of fcks on a daily basis.

Ever since the character Emma Ashoka tano sexy was introduced into X-Menthere's been kind of a thing going on between her and Cyclops, despite the fact that Scott and Jean Grey have been married the whole time she's been around.

Relevance Spiderman Gifs

When Jean Grey dies again, as she likes to do every second week or so, her spirit gets catapulted years into future. The future Jean sees is a grim, post-apocalyptic wasteland, hipnotized girls she discovers that the reason the world fell apart is because Cyclops couldn't man up after spiderman fucks mary jane death and get his shit together spideerman enough to lead the team and save the day.

No one was shocked by this revelation. Jean is even shown the exact moment that Scott gave up: He turns down a romantic request from Emma a spiderman fucks mary jane days after Jean dies also shocking no one.

mary spiderman jane fucks

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Mary Jane [Spiderman] by Cosplay Butterfly. Blackcat visits Spider-Man 1. Spiderwoman much better than Spiderman. Babes Big Tits Cosplay.

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Spider Gwen Stacy has makes one of my senses "tingle. Big BoobsTarzanThe Jetsons.

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News:Kittens & Cougars It's freaky number 13 of the feline fuck fest series that's dedicated to MILF hotties getting it on with their sexy young playthings! Keens love.

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